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Just to clear things up…

Today (14th April 2015) on local Victorian radio a caller phoned in with a complaint against an animal rescue organisation with a name which is unfortunately very similar to our name. We would just like to clarify that we have absolutely no affiliation with Furever Friends Bendigo.
Here at Forever Friends Animal Rescue, we have a wonderful dedicated team of volunteers that are absolutely devoted to finding the right home for the right animal and that is part of the Forever Friends Animal Rescue mantra.

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The Adoption Process

Rescue Pets Rock!

How to Adopt from Forever Friends

All the rescue pets we have for adoption are currently in loving foster homes across Victoria. We do not operate a shelter. By placing our pets in foster homes, we get to know our four-leggeds very thoroughly: for example, in determining how the foster pet is with other animals, with children, the training they might need, and the sort of home they are best suited to.

All our rescue pets have been temperament-tested, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested,wormed and flea-treated.


Forever Friends Animal Rescue Inc.

is a registered charity, and was established in 2011 to save healthy homeless dogs and cats from unnecessary euthanasia in pounds and shelters and find them loving Forever Homes.

We are entirely staffed by volunteers, receive no government funding, and rely on the community for donations and support in saving lives.

The services of our free behavioral trainer are also available for new adoptions if needed.


Donate Online

This is how your donation can help.

$40 will pay for a homeless pet's vaccination
$60 will pay for a homeless pet's microchip and worm treatment
$85 will pay for a homeless cat's desexing
$100 will pay for a homeless dog's desexing
$150 will save the life of a homeless cat or kitten awaiting rescue
$250 will save the life of a homeless dog or puppy awaiting rescue
We only exist due to the generosity of the public to help fund the many costs of saving lives.
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